One of the best things about sewing and quilting is having friends who sew and quilt…and of course, sewing WITH those friends. The Palmetto Modern Quilt Guild has a monthly sew-in and I always struggle with last minute pack up and getting out the door. I often leave something behind that I need. I hate packing and unpacking.


Since the last sew-in, I have been designing a bag in my head that would allow me to grab and go. I wanted some other features too. First, I wanted all my sewing notions to fit. Scissors, rotary cutter, chalk, pins, pencils box, etc. Second, I wanted it to hang next to my sewing machine while home, so I could eliminate packing and unpacking. Finally, I wanted it to “hold” my pattern, sewing machine feet box, rulers and project for that sew-in.


The result? Well, yesterday while sewing with a friend, we talked through size and functionality. The final bag pictured here is not the original design. The original had a zippered side that hooked under the bag. That was a major fail. I unpicked the zipper panel ON BOTH SIDES, 7 times and had to birth the bag EVERYTIME! Ugh! Then at 11:39 pm last night my husband said, “Hey it’s like a Crazy Creek!”

Light bulb! So of course I spent until 1:00 am redesigning and making a new version of the side closure. It now features plastic Kam snaps! I love it!! The little flaps keep larger project items in and allow it to double as a tool holder/bag. The large deep front pocket holds my sewing machine feet and tool box. It also features 4 large mesh pockets

This is just the prototype and it may end up being a one-of-a-kind, but it does exactly what I wanted!! I totally dig it!

All I have left to do is a little pouch for my clamps that will snap to the bottom center inside the bag. I want it to be removeable. Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below…would you want to make a bag like this? What would you want in a “Sew-in” bag?

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