UPDATE: Pattern is now also available for wholesale and PDF Download from my website.

I am excited to share that I have a second pattern in a Make Modern Magazine issue this year. And Eeeekkkk….my Here’s Your Sign Quilt is on the cover!

To celebrate this exciting adventure in my quilty life, I am sharing an additional animal template of a llama for FREE! First, you need the pattern, which is exclusive to Make Modern Magazine, Issue 24, so jump on over there and get your copy if you don’t have it yet. Then decide…cow…llama…cow….llama…BOTH!

I am providing a mock up here for inspiration! Enjoy!

Llama Template Grayscale-04.png

PS…a note about the template. The back leg of the llama is separate so you can use a slightly darker color to resemble shadow. If you want the llama to be all the same color just trace around the outside of the llama only.

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