So, a cleansing afternoon here. I started binge listening to the Love to Sew podcast on my 5 hour drive for work and got super excited about fashion sewing again. Four years ago, while awaiting what would be a Tarlov Cyst diagnosis, and grieving that teaching and throwing pottery would no longer be a part of my life, I began sewing again. Something I learned as a child, but now with the internet, I had much greater access to. One of the first @craftsy_ classes I took was with @angela wolf fashion on making designer jeans! Still rated one if THE best classes I have ever taken, and I have given a small fortune to Craftsy. 💵💵

Anyway, I pulled out some of my favorite fashion patterns and even still had the muslins for some of them. They don’t fit the same 🤫, but I didn’t even care! I started a new pants muslin tonight! It was awesome fun!! Just like learning the first time was. I had Angela’s class playing in the background and I cleaned out my closet. Something I have needed to do but just have not. About a 1/3rd of what I started with remains.

Time to sew!! I ordered the material and notions for three new pair of jeans! After hearing @brooksanncamper I plan to hand stitch my muslin together tomorrow night for a better fit. The pins weren’t cutting it tonight.

I also have some rayons in a cart I am debating for a couple new dresses. My fav is the Kaylee dress from Sew Serendipity. What is your favorite shirt pattern though?? I never found one when I did fashion sewing before. Thinking about the Indie Sew roscoe blouse. Anybody made that one??

Anyway, I went back looking for images if my first couple pair of jeans. Swipe to see…I also found this image of a vacation were we toured a yarn shop and the owner taught my daughter spinning. We had yarn hanging all over the cabin. It was beautiful…although we really stunk at it. Memories!!! Happy night!! Grateful to be a maker…especially one that doesn’t fit in any box! Grateful for uplifting podcasts and other makers who share themselves with us all.

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