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Buying Our First RV Camper

RV Camping

Buying Our First RV Camper


Making a life that soars takes patience, intentional planning and protected time. For me, this “tag line” isn’t just about my quilting. It is about ALL my life. My worship, my family, my work, my play. Learning you have a neurological disorder changes everything. It causes you to see life differently. You long for less drama, less negativity, less rush and less pain. You cherish days you feel “like yourself.” You cherish days when you sleep through the night without your legs locking up. You cherish REM sleep…Not to get sappy, but seriously…the more time I have to heal from the grief of losing large portions of my identity, the more I long for simple. Back to the basics.

There was a time when we were avid tent campers and backpackers as a family. Unfortunately, my Tarlov Cyst Disorder took that away. So, after 5 years of talking ourselves out of it while at the same time saving for the possibility, we finally took the plunge.

My husband and I decided it best to divide and conquer on the two main purchases. He researched and picked out the truck that would be enough to pull the camper I researched and picked.

Purchasing a Camper is a Big Job Y’all!

I wanted something less than 21’ until I toured them. Most campers at that length had murphy beds or queen slide outs that meant climbing over tables for nightly ladies room visits.  The other issue with the murphy bed, I couldn’t put them up and down by myself. I convinced myself that “we” would not do this camping thing if “I” could not do it alone. If something happened to my husband on the road, I wanted to trust I could handle whatever.

I put out a number of calls for advice. The one thing I heard over and over, “Buy bigger than you think you need.” I also heard, “Ask yourself if it rains for three days straight will you want to kill each other in a space that size?”

So the more I looked, the longer the camper got. Some of our priorities included a separate queen bedroom for us, large bunks for our two teenage children (boy and girl), something I could bring a sewing machine along in, windows with inner seals, a couch where my husband could play guitar, a nice radio with blue tooth, etc. OKAY, so we didn’t “want much,” but we only have about 6 good years left with the kids before college, and we plan to use this puppy every chance we get. We also felt it cheaper in the long run, to just do it right the first time.

We (really it was “I”) landed on a 2019 Apex 287BHS and guess what?!?! It is perfect so far! That meant a BIGger truck though, which honestly didn’t disappoint my hubby in the slightest! He found a 2016 Super Duty F250 crew cab. Everyone fits! Including Phoebe, the dog!

First, you should know we have never camped like this. Hubby did some as a child in popups and smaller campers. His parents were full-timers after retirement, but we humbly consider ourselves complete beginners. Neither of us has ever pulled much more than a little storage trailer either, and that was 10+ years ago. Fear city for me!!

It is my goal to document in a blog post each of our trips. I want to be able to look back and know where we have been and how far we have come. Stay tuned for future posts.

Scroll down for a tour…


Master Bedroom


Dinette and couch




Kid’s bunks. Hubby built a guitar rack for below.


Shower and toilet


Bathroom sink


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