This was a totally fun holiday weekend at the Schafer house. First, we brought our brand new camper home. Second, my parents came to visit. My mom and I sewed for two whole days! It was awesome. On a whim, I decided to add some color to my denim jacket. As images have circulated on social media, I have received requests to explain the process.

So, here goes…

I started out thinking I would just add a solid panel of fabric on the back. I wasn’t “totally” feeling anything I added so I put a vote out to my followers. MAN did you all respond! Seems Facebook liked the flowers and Instagram liked the birds. Although the response was tremendously positive, I still wasn’t feeling it. Then my mom finished sewing one side of the binding onto her quilt and needed a needle. I unzipped my sew-together bag to get a needle and was reminded that I have an embarrassing amount of hexies with no plan.

“Put those on your coat,” my mom says. DUH! YES!!! No question that was an excellent idea.

First, let me tell you how I prepped the hexies, and let me add a disclaimer that I am not an EPP enthusiast…I just take this little bag along when I travel, which is often.

I purchased this Applique Paper from the Sew Sweetness website. It is awesome, because I can print EPP designs directly on it from my printer. I cut them out and ironed them onto the back of a piece of fabric, that sort of resembles a hexie. I don’t worry too much about seam allowance if I am being honest. I used a basic Elmer’s Glue Stick to glue down one edge at a time, over-lapping them all the way around. Simple? YES!!! Sticky, YES! I did decide that gluing on the plane was problematic if I didn’t have some sort of wet wipe for my finger tips.

Next, the most FUN part! Layout! I took one hexie for each fabric option I had prepared and laid them out in a sort of descending ROY G BIV. I added some to the front breast pocket and the “hand” pocket…what do you call that pocket, anyway? I wanted those to look like they were peeking out.

Now, I am sure that some folks will say the only way to attach is to hand sew those suckers on, and more power to ya!!! I did not! I laid them in order in a pile next to me on the sewing machine, and I eyeballed them. I placed the first one down and sewed around just inside an 1/8″ seam allowance. So, I JUST top stitched it. I did use a jeans needle and 50wt Auriful. I changed colors for each color group. I am glad I did! Every now and then I would pull the whole jacket out to make sure my hexies were in a good spot before I eyeballed and sewed too many. So, yes, nothing technical or scientific or PLANNED about this…but it is how I roll. A bit freeing if you ask me! AND I HAD A BLAST!

So, a little note…hint…jean material moves around! You can see around the yellow hexie that happened. I think if I do it again, I will use some basic thin/light weight interfacing that folks use in shirt collars, etc for fashion sewing to fix the hexies to the jeans material before sewing. I think I will lay the hexies on one side of the interfacing and press to secure. Then cut around the “entire glob” of them and fuse them to the jacket. I would still sew around each one. I did try some glue, but the material really does just move too much even for glue. I am debating the interfacing a bit though, because I don’t want the jacket to be bulky. WHICH…is the NICE thing about the Applique Paper…it washes out!

So, that’s it…share your comments or questions below and I will do my best to answer or we can help answer for each other!




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