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Jelly Roll Rug Virgin

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Jelly Roll Rug Virgin

I’ve been keeping an eye on the Jelly Roll Rug craz…thinking there is NO way I would commit to that…but once I learned that there were pre-cut batting rolls I decided they might be for me. NO way in the world I would take the time to cut strips of batting! So I ordered two jelly rolls and three rolls of the pre-cut batting from Stitchesngigles4u on Etsy…and waited. I didn’t have to wait long though, which is great for my impulsiveness! (Note, I had to order one additional batting roll to complete the second rug. One Jelly Roll to two batting rolls.)

This is Jelly Roll number one that I ordered. Home Sweet Home by Stacy Iest Hsu of Moda Fabrics. First, I suck at ordering Jelly Rolls. I just saw the pretty colors on the outside and didn’t realize it was “baby/nursery” themed fabric. Don’t get me wrong it was/is beautiful! And I DO love the colors…but the baby making factory here is way over! It is also over for my friends…so…what to do with it is now the question…


Step one:

Sew all the strips in the roll together. I decided that I would leave them in order, as Moda is pretty rock star and coordinating colors. Much better than I am anyway…

After a good long while, I had a good long strip of strips…that then I had to trim apart because I chain pieced them. I also trimmed the triangular tabs from sewing them together at an angle. Final step here is to press the seams open.


Step two:

I put the strip of strips right side down on my table and started lining up and rolling out the batting on the wrong side. I won’t reveal the secrets…that is what the pattern is for, but when this step is done…I had a long snake of soft, squishy strippiness.


Step three:

Perhaps my favorite step…rolling my snaky thing into a ball! It’s like my yarn, knitting diva met my crafting and sewing diva! Isn’t it just so fun and pretty!!!! All rolled up like that!


Step four:

Around and around and around we go! Where we stop, no body knows…wait…we stop ever couple of rows to press it flat. YES! Do this! Don’t skimp on this. AND, I learned from starting the roll that, wow, it can get ugly if you don’t fold and line that sucker up right. I was disappointed in the look for the found couple rounds, but as it grew in size, it grew on me. As I pressed it out it helped too. I guess what I am saying is hang in there on this step.

I added a table next to me to hold it up as it grew too. Super helpful! Seriously make sure you are catching both rounds of the snakey thing too. As a Jelly Roll Rug Virgin I missed in a couple of places and had to go back.

All said, it was $50 for the Jelly roll and two batting rolls. It took me about 6 hours to make the entire Jelly Roll Rug from start to finish. Head down and getting to it. Was it worth it?


You tell me?

If you want to purchase a completed Jelly Roll Rug from someone please consider the actual cost of the rug. These are not scrap rugs. They are expensive to make and take a lot of time. Even at $10 a hour, you should expect to pay over $115 for ONE rug.



Still not sure where it will live or if it will be gifted. I do know it is super soft to stand on and makes the room just light up!!! I can’t wait to make the next one…but I will have to, because I have two more shirts and a dress cut out and in progress.

Support the Designer!

The Pattern is by RJ Designs, and can be purchased ALL over the place. As a pattern designer, I am a believer in purchasing the pattern! So, check it out! Yo!

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