My mother has a Christmas Cactus that belonged to my “Big Granny,” who was my great, great grandmother. As a child, I got off the bus every afternoon at my great grandmother’s home. Her name was Lois Love, so everyone in our small town called her Granny Love. I remember this plant sitting in the window, and I remember thinking, “don’t touch it; it will hurt you.” (Cactus…right!)

This past Christmas, my mother shared concern that this amazing plant was no longer blooming and we debated all the things we could do to revive it. After some research, I discovered that 20-30 years is the average life for these plants. It didn’t feel good to me to just reside this plant to death. I read up on how to start new plants from older plants. What did I have to loose really?

You should know, that in all my life, I have ONLY ever been good at roses. Roses I can totally do. EVERYTHING else plant wise has died a miserable death in my care. I had just tried this SAME process with succulents. FAIL! Total FAIL!

I decided if I was going to really give this a try, I would do exactly what it said. Well, if you know me, you know that I am a total rule follower, except when it comes to something crafty or artsy…most of the time I don’t even read the directions. I prefer patterns with pictures.

Anyway…back to the directions…

I carefully broke off several of the little sections of Big Granny’s plant and brought them home in an open plastic container so the pinched end could dry out for a couple days. I had my own Christmas Cactus plant I purchased this year that was really thriving in the front window of my sewing room. I broke some of those off as well.

Image 1 above shows laying the little broken off pieces in a pot of soil and sprinkling a tablespoon of dirt on top. I sprayed them with water every day or two. Nothing changed. I started to worry. After 4 weeks, I got nervous and pulled one of them up out of the soil. It had roots!! Yay!!

I kept spraying. Kept them in my amazing front window. Eventually, new growth above ground began. Image “2” shows the progress.

Image “3” shows how far they have come since December of 2017. I am sooo delighted!! This week, I broke off more and started the process again. I am seriously loving this!!! I guess I can add Christmas Cactus to my list of plants I don’t kill!

It is a great feeling to know these new little plants will be gifts to Big Granny’s family this coming Christmas!















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