My dear friend’s daughter has a birthday this month and she commissioned a Harry Potter bag as a gift. First let me tell you how awesome this kid is. She is independent, tough, willing to try new things, clever, chill and she totally knows who she is – – – already at her age. She rocks! And she deserves a bag just as unique and awesome!

She was insistent that she wanted an over the shoulder “back pack” sort of bag. I immediately thought about the Summit Pack from Cloud Splitter Bags. I had never made the bag, but it fit her wishes, so I ordered the pattern.

I let her look through some of my fabrics and she loved the Art Gallery Fabrics Owls by Maureen Cracknell. She rides horses and wanted something that would not show dirt. She wanted black and grey on the outside. She also wanted Harry Potter patches. I picked up the large patch in the middle of the front pocket from Universal Studio when we were down there in August. The others I ordered online.


I am not going to lie, this is not the easiest bag pattern out there. Lots of curves. I do love the no binding and that it turns through the back pocket. I decided to make two, so I could practice each step on a “test” bag, that I totally plan to keep for myself now! Even though the pattern is advanced, the bag is amazing and totally worth it.


There’s a nice size zipper pocket on the back. I also used the larger space on the bottom to showcase the owl patch.

The front pocket has a nice credit card pocket. I added an Emmaline Bags handmade silver label. There’s also a zipper pocket in the larger back main pocket.


Below is my “test” or “practice” bag that I already moved into! I love the purple. It feels lightweight, easy to carry, compact and more on a professional yet fun side.

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