I am over the moon giddy about everything coming up in 2019. I have so many whimsical patterns rolling around in my head, and I decided it is time to get them out and into some beautiful fabrics. So, for 2019 I am launching a Pouch of the Month Club – Paper Piecing Style.

In truth, it is more of a Pattern of the Month Club – but knowing me, I will never make enough of any one paper piecing pattern to complete an entire quilt. If you have been hanging with me for a while, you know that designing and quilting are my favorite parts. Once the design is made, I am on to the next one. So, I started thinking, are there other folks like me? If so, what in the world would be do with all these random blocks? Pouches! Pouches make amazing grab at the last minute gifts. I love having a little stash of pouches for gifts. I also love that pouches provide a way to really personalize a gift without committing to something huge like a quilt.


Each of the patterns in the 2019 collection are 8″ finished blocks. The patterns all include the directions for turning them into a pouch.

Now, of course, if pouches are not your thing, you can turn them into all sorts of items. Make multiple blocks to finish a quilt, or table runner or other fun item. Just be sure to post them and tag me so I can see them all!

Here is a sneak peek at some of the 12 blocks for 2019. Let me know in the comments below which is your favorite so far!!! Scroll down to see them all.

The Lemon Block
Flip Flops the Block
Magic 8 Ball Block
The Crooked Snowman Block
Candy Corn Wreath
Dragon Fly Block

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