Ever wondered how some quilters get those amazing points on really odd shapes? Fun designs with lots of colors going in every direction…

Well, they most likely paper pieced them. There are two types of paper piecing. English Paper Piecing…that’s when we wrap fabric around a cute little cardboard shape…and then HAND stitch it to another cute little fabric covered cardboard shape.

What I am referring to here is called Foundation Paper Piecing.

It is considered “foundation” because the fabrics are actually sewn together using a line on a piece of paper that becomes “attached” as a “foundation” to the quilt block. Sewing on the line and building out from there allows for the fun shapes and odd points.

Learn this liberating form of quilting using the new Free Sparrows Quilt Pattern from Jittery Wings. The downloadable pattern is available for free here.

In 2019, Jittery Wings is offering a Pouch of the Month Club – Paper Piecing Style. Each month you will receive a new whimsical paper pieced pattern block that can be turned into a pouch. To learn more click here.

Images of Paper Pieced Quilt Patterns


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    When will the Pouch of the Month Club begin?

    • Mitzie Schafer

      Hi there! The Club members already have access to their first pattern in their accounts. If you are a club member, look up at the top of my website for the “my account” link in the pink banner. Click that. Sign in. Then look to the left of the screen. Click to word “downloads” and all your available downloads will be available to you. You can download them onto your computer and print the patterns. If you haven not yet signed up, it is not too late. As soon as you do, all available patterns in the subscription will be in your account as listed above. Each month a new pattern will be available on the first day of the month. Thanks for asking! I hope you have an excellent day!

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