Welcome to Week 3 of the “How to Make Flying Geese Four at a Time” Tutorial. If you are just finding this, during week one we cut our fabric and made our flying geese. During week two we turned those beautiful flying geese into pinwheel blocks and stitched them into a baby quilt top.

This week we quilt! Yay! Now, if quilting is scary for you…hang with me, and let’s take this slow. You can also check out some of the FREE Quilt Motif Monthly Resources (Includes a how to video) or my Improve Your Practice: Free-Motion Quilting book.

Step 1: Baste your quilt sandwich using your favorite method. If you don’t have a favorite method you can try this:

Step 2: Planning out your quilting motifs is a great way to help curb anxiety about messing up the quilt. One effective way to plan it out is to use an image of your quilt and “doodle” motifs on it. I have provided a PDF file of the quilt image here for your to use in your planning. Print more than one until you finalize your design. Click on the image below to download and print the image.


  • Think about the quilt in “sections” or “blocks,” and not just the shapes or blocks you pieced. Often putting the shapes together will create alternate blocks in the background. Think about the inner shapes that the pinwheels make. Do you want to make those more prominent? Do you want to get fancy or keep it simple? Do you have a deadline? These are all questions you should consider when planning out your quilting. Example: If you have a deadline, choose an easier motif that allows you to complete the quilt in a more timely manner. If you try to do something too hard and begin running out of time, your quilting is likely to turn sloppy in an effort to finish. You will feel rushed and those feeling will be quilted into your quilt.
  • Do you want the pinwheels to “stand out?” If you do, then quilt the background more densely than the pinwheels, meaning the quilting is closer together in the background than it is in the pinwheels. See the image here for ideas. I wanted my pinwheel to stand out, so I only quilted some small curves on the ends of each one. I also wanted the diamond made by the pinwheels to stand out more, so I quilting a square/diamond border to frame it.

    • This image shows some cartoon drawn quilt ideas you can play around with on your own printed quilt image.

Step 3: Make sure follow the prequilting checklist below.

Step 4: Quilt to your heart’s desire. Remember to take it slow. Check your attitude to make sure you are calm and relaxed. Remember to breathe.

Be sure to post progress pictures on social media and tag me with @jitterywings so I can see and comment. You can also add pictures here.

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