Quilt Motif Monthly – WAVY/CURVY LINES

Welcome to month three of Quilt Motif Monthly. This week we learn about what I call, Wavy Lines – but you will totally hear me say Curvy Lines as well. If you need a fast and easy quilt motif, wavy lines are your friend. They are also the foundation for many additional motifs. So, mastering wavy lines will open the doors to a larger toolbox of motifs.

When practicing on a scrap quilt sandwich with no piecing, you may want to tape or mark off some shapes. Practice filling these shapes with wavy lines.

Tips & Tricks

  • Wavy lines are amazing. They are great for filling in all sorts of spaces quickly. Fill an entire block with them or break up the block with larger perpendicular wavy lines.
  • Travel along the “ditch” or edge of a block to help hide travel stitches.
  • On the back and forth wavy lines, do not let the lines overlap. It will draw the viewer’s eye to that area.
  • You can start with the lines further apart. If you decide you want them to appear denser, you can go back and add additional wavy lines between.
  • The illustration on the next page shows how to divide a block with two perpendicular wavy lines. These two lines should be farther apart to give depth to the quilting.



Click the button below for a FREE Printable Download that includes the direction image and the Tips and Tricks.  Print it on 8.5″ by 11″ paper. If you are a super organized person, you may want to start a folder or binder for all future images.


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About Quilt Motif Monthly

It has become increasingly more important to me to help our quilting community improve their confidence and skills. A new book – Free Motion Quilting – Improve Your Practice, was written to help quilters breakdown their own actions and process them in a way that leads to more fluid free motion quilting. For twelve months, I am committed to offering Quilt Motif Monthly as a free resource for learning new quilt motifs to build confidence and skills in your quilting.

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