WELCOME! It is week #1 of the Wyoming Wind Quilt Along, and I couldn’t be more excited to journey with you! This week we select fabrics! Anybody else have trouble with this part?

When selecting fabrics for the Wyoming Wind Quilt Along, you will want to think in terms of three – fabrics that is…

We will be making two of the Wyoming Valley blocks and two of the Summer Wind blocks. All the blocks can be the same colors/fabrics or they can be different. For each block, you need three fabrics for the “block image” and a background fabric.

Wyoming Valley Block
Summer Wind Block

Begin with a primary fabric or fabric line you love. You should choose two additional fabrics to compliment your primary fabric, or choose three fabrics from the line. These fabrics should be in or around the same volume. Then choose a background color that is in contract to the value of your three fabrics. The best way to tell the contrast/value of the fabrics is to lay them next to each other and take a picture. Then open the picture on your phone and click edit. Change the “filter” to mono. Does each fabric/color show up? Some may read the same or closer to a shade of grey. You want your primary fabrics to pop out from your background fabrics, so there needs to be contrast from each other.

If you want each block to be different, then you need three different fabrics for each of the four blocks. I recommend keeping the background fabric the same for all four blocks.

I have made this pattern multiple times, but this time making the Wyoming Wind Pattern I have chosen the beautiful fabrics above from Moda – Zen Chic Day in Paris. I am using the bottom white/black fabric as my background. I am alternating the other colors as my 1, 2 or 3. I am using a blue, green and peachy/pink in each of the two types of blocks and alternating where they are in their respective blocks. As we follow along together, you will more clearly see images of this. For now…start looking for those beautiful fabrics!

I often like to color blocks in on paper to determine how to get started with my fabric choices. I have provided you with free coloring page samples so you can play around with ideas before purchasing patterns. I hope you will enjoy having this as an option.

Click Here to Download the Wyoming Wind Coloring Page

The link above also includes the cutting labels we will use in the upcoming weeks. For now…be sure to post your picks on the Facebook Page or Instagram using #jitterywings and @jitterywings. I can’t wait to see what you choose!

Until next time, thanks for stopping by!


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