Eek! I made these! My own shoes!


I love the idea of making my entire wardrobe. I have a number of dresses and shirts I have made and I adore them. Recently, I was listening to the Love to Sew Podcast, which led me to A Happy Stitch on Etsy. Melissa Q, pulls together this amazing little starter kit for anyone wanting to make his or her own shoes. Please note that I am not making any money on this blog post…I just seriously LOVE these shoes!

The kit included everything you see below…and I cut out my pieces.

I got them all sewn together and was already starting to love them. Sewing and turning the pieces was super simple, especially with the excellent directions and turning tool.

Don’t you just love how Melissa sews the little pouches to fabric to hold the needles. I seriously was giddy when I opened the box. I also love the little wax holder for running my thread through. It keeps the wax all together and the thread fits through it perfectly. Again, everything in this package is completely intentional and well thought out.

Now on to pinning. And yes…the pins were also included. Enough pins to attaching the top of the shoe to the sole.

Then I use the thread she included to attach the shoe top to the sole. I have to admit I was a little fearful that I would botch this or it wouldn’t look even or consistent as it was intended. I was pleasantly surprised by how simple the stitch was and how pretty it looked.

These are my finished FIRST pair, because I have already ordered the replacement kit and started my second pair. I wanted a pair of black for my professional outfits.

So, one change I made to the pattern…I used the thread Melissa provided to reinforce the shoe top where the two pieces are attached. I also decided on my next pair to use 40 weight thread instead of 50. I popped a stitch when I tried to put them on the first time.

So, wearing them…OMG…this fabric is so soft. The shoes are not confining. With my neurological disorder, I can’t wear shoes with heels or that confine. These turned out to be perfect and they are handmade! I love them so very much! Never fear…if you want a handmade wardrobe, you can even make your own shoes!


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