Welcome back to the Wyoming Wind Quilt Along! This week – week 5 – we move on to the Summer Wind Block. I love this block. It has so much impact and goes super quick!

Grab the first bag of cut and labeled pieces from Week 2 for the Summer Wind Block #1. Mine looks like this:

For Step 1 of this section of the pattern we need to make 12 Half Square Triangles in background color and Color 1. So first grab six background color squares and six of color 1.


The first thing we need to do is make some half square triangles. That means that when we are done each square will have two triangles on either side of a single square. Two fabric squares make two identical half square triangles (HST). This is a staple block in a lot of quilt patterns and a great one to know. Page 7 of the pattern describes how to make two at a time half square triangles. Let’s follow along there or you can also use this blog tutorial for how to make HSTs by clicking here.

On the lighter of the two fabrics, draw a line diagonally from corner to corner as show in the image here. The top color fabric is my Color 1 for each of the two blocks. The black and white fabrics underneath are my background fabrics.

Following along with the directions on Page 7 of the pattern, line up the Color 1 block and the background block with right sides together (RST) and stitch a quarter inch down both sides of the diagonal line you drew. Press. Then cut the piece in half diagonally down the line you drew. Press the seams open and trim to size listed in the pattern. The image below shows the stages of a HST.

Now we need to make four Flying Geese using Color 3 and rectangles and background color squares.


For Step 2 of the pattern gather 4 of your Color 3 rectangles and eight of your background squares. Using the directions on Page 6 of the pattern, lets make some flying geese.

First, mark the eight squares the way you did above for the HSTs. Make a diagonal line from corner to corner on the back.

Continue on with the steps in the pattern to complete your flying geese. I like to chain piece all of one side and then press. Then I chain piece all of the other side of the flying geese. Then I can press them all, trim them all and move on to the next step.


This is my Summer Wind Block #1.

Using all of the HST and Flying Geese (FG) you made as well as the four remaining background color rectangles, the one large center square and the smaller Color 2 squares, lay out your block as shown in the image above.

I like to double check my layout by taking a picture before I begin sewing them together. This block is much easier to get correct than the Wyoming Valley Block.

Once you feel confident that the block is laid out correctly, you can begin piecing the block together. You can work in rows across.  Press all the seams open or to the dark side if you prefer.


I think it is my favorite block so far! How about you?

Remember to post your finished Summer Wind Block #1 on social media using #jitterywings and @jitterywings. I love to see what you make.

And, until next time…thanks for stopping by!



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