I made this cute little knit sack for my two week vacation the end of July. I made it in an evening with not much thought really to construction or logic. I learned some, “oh next time I would” stuff, but ultimately it has become my favorite bag. I started carrying it like a purse. I got a LOT of requests for the pattern, but I didn’t take any construction images or anything…and with my new job I honestly don’t have time. So, I threw this little pattern together as a FREEBIE for those who requested it. I hope you enjoy. Just know it hasn’t been tested or proofed…which is why it is free. It is not up to standards with my other patterns. If you have made bags in the past, you won’t have any trouble though!

If you want to use this pattern as a purse it is easy to add a zipper or drop in pocket inside on the back lining panel. I will do that in my next.

You can print the pattern here as a PDF, just be sure to set your printer settings to “fit.” I didn’t take fabric measurements, but if you have a half yard each of the exterior main fabric, the exterior contract fabric and the lining fabric you should be set.  You will also need SF101, Pellon Fusible Fleece, a small square of Peltex and a twist lock.



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