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I had a serious blast making my first Cielo Pattern from Closet Case Patterns. I had just listened to the Love to Sew Podcast about couture sewing so I decided on French Seams. Closet Case does an excellent job describing French Seams in the front of the pattern. I love that little attention to detail. I had done them before, but the fact it was in there reminded me they were an option. I am usually pretty impatient, but the older I get the more intentional I seem to be about my sewing. Also the more I learn about Fast Fashion the stronger my desire is to make clothes that will last. So, I just kept telling myself, “do the work!” (Totally should have ironed this more before the picture was taken…didn’t do the work there…ugh…)

I serged the edges before I closed them into the French seams because it was linen and I was worried it was going to ravel and get gross. I guess it did make the seams a bit more bulky than I had liked, but they really are very pretty and clean. I also really loved the neckline on this pattern. I usually avoid facings on my shirts, even if the pattern calls for it, by basically making a second bodice and making it a lining. But I looked up a lot of the #cielo on IG and liked the look, so I went with what the pattern said.

I used a Robert Kaufman linen. The light purple is amazing! You can see that best in the picture above. After I washed it it got softer, and it will just continue to soften with each wash. I can’t wait to make this pattern out of Rayon!!

The shoulder and chest fit was dead on for this pattern. I love Closet Cases block for this shirt! Hoping that translates to their other patterns. I didn’t have to make any fitting. Nicely done Closet Case!! I did hack a bit by adding two inches to the bottom of the shirt because I like to have it cover my tummy well.

I double topstitched the French Seams down. You can see that in the image below. I didn’t want the thicker linen French seams to be flopping around under the shirt and the double top stitch laid them down nicely. Plus, I LOVE topstitching…

This shirt is a serious staple in a handmade wardrobe. I will be making more if these. I will probably not do French seams with the linen though because it got a little thick in spots. Instead I think I will serge all the seams and then press them open.

Let me know what you think!!! I love the feedback!


  • What I Loved About this Pattern:
    • The Fit! Closet Case’s block fits my topside perfectly! No edits required. I cut out the pattern in a size 14.
  • What I Would Change for Next Time: 
    • French seams with the linen. Next time I will just pre-serge all the pieces and press the seams open. I think this would be amazing in rayon also.
  • Pattern Name:
  • Designer:
  • See More Makes in this Pattern:
  • Pattern Hacks or Alterations:
    • I added two inches to the bottom of the shirt pattern because I like my tummy to be a bit more covered. I also will use this for professional dress or jeans dress.
  • Pattern Directions: 
    • Spot on. I didn’t have any trouble at all.
  • Pattern Level: 
    • I think a newer sewist could easily sew this pattern and feel good about it.
  • Fabric:
    • This is a Robert Kaufman Linen in light purple. You can find it in a LOT of local and online stores. I bought it from a quilt shop in Iowa while on vacation…sorry, I don’t remember the name.


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