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This was such a fun pattern to make. It is a dress and/or top pattern from Friday Pattern Company. Wearing it makes me feel a bit like a baby doll. Now, I must say, you can get totally scandelist with this top. I am considering on my next one making the cleavage area a bit higher and stitching the “tie” in place so I can leave it open. If you pull that tie, I will be showing a bit much. That is okay though, because the linen, which I purchased on a trip to NY at Purl Soho, is a bit thick and tying a bow didn’t work well. I tied a little “loose knot” instead and I think it is more flattering.

This watercolor linen is seriously amazing though. After the prewash is got softer and I know as I was it in the future it will continue to soften to even more awesomeness. I wore this all day at work and it looked like this the picture above at the end of the day. It presses out sooo nicely. I am not a very pressed person most of the time…and I don’t usually buy fabric that requires it, but this linen is totally worth it.

I can’t wait to make this pattern in a rayon or voile. It will be so drapey and dainty. Now, I didn’t make the dress or “gown,” but I totally see this as a stable in my handmade wardrobe in the future. Will make more! Fo-Sho!


  • What I Loved About this Pattern:
    • It is super easy to fit because the neck is totally a wide open hole at the top of the shirt!
  • What I Would Change for Next Time: 
    • I would make the little opening at my cleavage a bit higher…(modest molly here)
  • Pattern Name:
  • Designer:
  • Pattern Size Used: 
    • I cut out on a size 14 and it fit perfect. No changes necessary.
  • See More Makes in this Pattern:
  • Pattern Hacks or Alterations:
    • Not a one! I love when that happens!
  • Pattern Directions: 
    • To be honest…I didn’t feel a huge need to “read” the directions. I am a picture person…and the picture were enough for me to know what to do. I did look for measurement numbers on the hems and such.
  • Pattern Level: 
    • I think a newer sewist could easily sew this pattern and feel good about it.
  • Fabric:

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