As a child, I never really liked the circus…I was always so far away that I guess the “wow” factor was never there. But then, I took my own children as an adult. At the time, I was lifting weights daily and I spent the entire time in awe of the strength of the acrobats and performers. Bit Tent is a nod to the strength of adulting everyday…and it is just super fun!

It goes together very simply. Each panel is a simple straight lined row. Start with one and begin adding them to the next. The pattern even includes colors so you can place them correctly without much thought.

That beautiful awl and seam ripper was made by my dear friend’s husband…they sell them…check out Needle on the Run on Etsy.

I really do love this bag…it will make a great gift for a little person…or use it as wrapping for a child’s birthday party. How fun is that!?

This is an image of my original design from Electric Quilt 8. I design most of my paper piecing patterns in there. On paper first and then I translate them into the program. I use Adobe to clean them up and add directions.

Be sure to post pictures of your finished big tent bag on social media using #jitterywings. I can’t wait to see them.

You can purchase the pattern here. Happy Sewing!










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