I love them! I love them! I want to keep them all!!!!!

I made these little cutie patooties and I love them so much. They are a great scrap buster. I visited my local antique mall in Little Mountain, SC and found all the cups. My goal was to pay less than $3 for each. I am making them as gifts and that was my budget. The little salt cups…I think they have real name, but I don’t know it…were $4, but the seller was in her booth. When I told her what I was doing and why I was making them, she gave me all of them for $3 each. I cleaned her out!

Directions are below!

They are super easy to make. So easy that images aren’t even necessary.

Step 1: Press a piece of scrap fabric.

Step 2: place the cup in the center and pull the sides of the fabric up around the cup to get an idea of how big the circle of fabric needs to be.

Step 3: Mark the edge where the circle needs to be and cut along the line.

Step 4: With needle and thread, double thick strands, run a basting stitch 1/4″ away from the circular edge of the fabric. I pulled the thread through the fabric to the end and tied a knot. Then ran the basting stitch. This allowed me to have the knot to pull against in the next step.

Step 5: Place some “stuffing” in the center of the circle and use the end of the thread to pull the fabric up tight around it.

Step 6: Make sure it fits! Before you tie off the end…make sure the little “pillow” sticks up around the top of your cup as desired.

Step 7: If it fits, tie off the ends by running the needle through several places to sort of lock it in place.

Step 8: Put hot glue in the bottom of the bowl and up along the edges. QUICKLY put the little pillow in the bowl. The glue will grab quickly, so pinch the bottom of the pillow together to help it “slide” into the cup without touching the sides. When you let it go it should be down in the cup and stick. Give it a little twist back and forth to help settle the gathers.

You can see how different the various types of “cups” or “bowls” look. Try to match the fabric to the bowl so they compliment each other.

I also made a little bead pin for each of them to add a little bling until the recipients can fill them with their own pins.

These are little salt servers. Some of them had little teeny tiny spoons. I didn’t get the spoons though.

I think these little vintage tea cups are my favorite.

Ice cream anyone???

I found it difficult in my scrap stash to match these little green bowls. Think about that when you purchase your cups.

The red one on the left was one of my first…see how the pillow isn’t as tight and neat…I definitely got better at it along the way.

Here’s an image of all the bead pins together…just because!!

Directions to make pins:

Step 1: I used long pins with the tear drop white head of them.

Step 2: I placed a larger bead at the very top to help balance the shape with the pin cushion.

Step 3: I used a couple various sizes, but smaller than the first, beads until I was about an inch and a half from the bottom.

Step 4: I had some super small beads that fit close that I used at the very bottom. I placed a little dot of E6000 clear glue and then ran about three of the very small beads up to the others to help lock them all in place. Worked like a charm.

This is an overhead shot of them. All the colors make my heart so happy!

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