Let me tell you about this awesome group of ladies! We arrived at Lutheridge Quilt Camp on Thursday afternoon and began setting up machines and projects. Folks arrived from New Mexico, Louisiana, North Carolina, Tennessee, Florida, Georgia and South Carolina. Some knew each other but most did not.

The room was divided into three areas. Sew Focused – meaning you weren’t up for talking, you wanted to put your “foot pedal” to the metal. Sew Social – meaning you came to talk and distractions were A-okay. And Sew Whichever – meaning a little of both, but you won’t take either personally. It was fun to see how the room divided itself, and even more fun to watch it play out exactly as designed. Constant fun, teaching and laughing chatter came from our Sew Social Group. Some checking to see if our Sew Focused group was still there – they were so quiet and well, focused. And the largest group, Sew Whichever, moved in and out of conversations.

We began our first night with an outing to Sierra Nevada. We had a great time together, ordered amazing food and flights. We returned to camp for our opening program. I led a trunk show and we did some fun introductions. We were all over the map, geographically, skill wise and with our preferred style of quilting (modern, art or traditional). Then we sewed. Some till their bedtime of 9:00 pm, and others until 1:30 or 2:00 in the morning. Quilt Camp is about no judgements!

Friday morning we woke to an amazing breakfast and some began sewing as early as 6:30 am. At 9:15 am, we paused for our opening daily devotion. We are created in the image of God. God is creative, so by virtue, we are creative. After devotion, we moved heavily into sewing. It was awesome to see folks helping each other with layout and stitching. Such a helpful and affirming community of ladies. You can’t help but make amazing friends and relationships. Friday evening was our first Show and Tell. Everyone brought one item from home they had made prior to coming. It was awesome!

Saturday morning, the devotion was on the parable of the lost coin. Jesus tells us the woman looked all around…and when she finds her one lost coin, she throws a party and celebrates. Each quilter selected her own vintage, handmade pin cushion as a reminder that God searches for us when we are lost. God gives us community (like our pin cushions) to hold us safely together. We are created for community – God quilts community.

Saturday evening for Show and Tell everyone shared two things they had made during the week. WOW! Just WOW! You think when you are there, walking around, that you see what everyone is doing, but you just don’t! Check out the gallery here to see only some of their makes. Then read on below about how I taught someone to make her first s’more…

After Saturday night Show and Tell, we had our very own “camp” fire…it’s quilt camp you know! Julie, my new friend from Australia, but who now lives in SC, had never roasted a marshmellow before…nor had she ever had a s’more. So fun to teach that! We started the fire with fabric scraps, in true “Quilt Camp” style.

And we may have dropped a marshmellow or two! But it didn’t matter, because we had a blast and the ooy, gooy goodness of the s’mores totally hit the spot. You’d think we would be full and ready for bed, but NOPE…more sewing followed! These ladies and serious about their sewing. Next year they want an extra day and I am ALL for it!

I am so grateful for this group of amazing ladies. I am also grateful that next year we are opening up additional spots. We were a little worried about the electricity capacity in the building – but never fear! More spots will be available. If you want to be alerted as soon as spots open in the spring…make sure you have subscribed to my newsletter. You can also follow #lutheridgequiltcamp on Instagram. Finally, visit for more.

Until next year…happy quilting friends!


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    Hey Mitzi! I had a FANTASTIC time at quilt camp this year. Thanks so much for all you did to host it!!!

    We got interrupted during our discussion on Sunday, but what I was going to say was that I’d also be interested in a garmet camp 😉 I sew a lot of clothes, but I don’t finish them in the fancy way that you do yours — and I’d like to learn! Would you be interested in putting something like that together?

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    Thanks, Mitzie, for organizing & facilitating a fun, productive camp. It is terrific to see the project diversity in our group & learn from each other. Continued success to you in your designing, quilting & new job!

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    Great read. Mitzie. It was like being there again. I had so much fun sewing with this great group of ladies. Can’t wait till next year. I’m a little ashamed of that dropped marshmallow pic! LOL!! Brenda

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