I was playing around in Illustrator a couple weeks ago. Often I play with designs that never go anywhere. As an artist and designer, for me, that can be unsettling. I was raised with a strong “work ethic.” Never watch someone else working without helping. Make all the moments count. Do the work.

Putting so much time into something that only I will ever see…time into something that will never be “used” or “useful.” It has been a hard pill to swallow. I wrestle with whether or not the time spent designing was wasted. I also wrestle with whether or not every design should be turned into a quilt.

If I look at every design separately…I miss the evolution of a final design and the 40 that came before. The conversations, the observations of my surroundings, the songs…all the things that go into choices. Some designs come soon in the process, others…I have been tweaking for years. This one…was years.

This was the design from Illustrator. Transparency. I loved it…it came together quickly in the computer…and the hard part…the FUN part was deciding how in the world to piece it together. As I played around with lines in the computer, I decided that I would paper piece it in rows.

This is the image that came out of my computer on the printer. I brought it with me to Quilt Camp and worked on piecing it there.

I suspected it wouldn’t be easy, but lining up those corners was difficult. One seam I pulled out 7 times. That work taught me how best to line it up and the seams that followed came out correctly the first time.

It was an adventure to piece…and I am glad I did it.

By our last show and tell at Quilt Camp, it was ready to show. I just needed to clean it up and quilt it.

Usually, the quilting is my favorite part, but I was unsettled about how to quilt this one. I got lots of feedback. Straight lines. Geometrics. Etc. But I love all over free motion quilting…I just didn’t feel like that was the right choice. So, I went with wavy lines. I also decided not to add the extra white space on the edges.

So even when a designer thinks the design is done, it isn’t. Design is ever evolving.

I changed thread color to match, and overlapped the colors for the perceived triangles. I like how it turned out. I added little triangles on the four corners so it can be hung in any direction.


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