Jittery Wings Quilt Co. began by accident as a hobby quilting business in 2016 when Mitzie Schafer, owner and designer, drafted a Crooked Christmas Tree paper pieced quilt pattern for her first Instagram Swap. Mitzie received a significant number of inquires about the pattern and decided to write it up for others.  Since that time, Mitzie has drafted patterns for Make Modern Magazine and the Modern Quilt Guild.  and in 2019 released her first book, Improve Your Practice: Free-Motion Quilting. Her favorite loves are designing and quilting – and teaching others to LOVE their quilts…and their quilting.


Provide quality patterns, tutorials and workshops that create the skills and space for quilters to love their quilting.


A community where quilters love their quilting!


  • Quilter first. 
    • We acknowledge that one size does not fit all. Each quilter will have her or his own ideal quilting tastes, posture, hand position and speed.
  • Community is critical.
    • We can’t improve in a vacuum. We need each other to learn new skills, evaluate honestly and share our successes.
  • Speak the truth in love to encourage and teach.
    • Each quilter has strengths and weaknesses regardless of age or length of time quilting. For each quilter to improve she/he must know and own those strengths and weaknesses in a way that allows for evaluation, adjustment and practice.
  • Allow space for positive self talk.
    • As a community we will encourage and uplift. We learn from every quilt. It’s okay to be proud of our quilts. It is okay to evaluate for improvement but not to put ourselves, others or our quilts down.
  • Make new quilters.
    • Sharing our skills and love of quilting is contagious and others will want to join us…we welcome them with love and joy.