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Eight at a Time Half Square Triangles

Anybody else truly value efficiency? Well, I do! Eight at a time half square triangles (HST) are the true quilting efficiency! Enjoy this tutorial and measurement chart to maximize your quilting efficiency! You can download the measurement chart below.
Step 1: Gather two squares the same size.
Step 2: On the lighter of the two squares, on the wrong side, draw two lines diagonally from one corner to the other. Use a ruler to make sure it is straight and in the center.
Step 3: Place the two squares right sides together (RST). Line up all sides evenly.
Step 4: Either draw another line on each side of the center diagonal lines at a ¼” and stitch right on top of each of those lines OR use a ¼” foot and sew a quarter inch on either side of the lines.
Step 5: Press to set the stitches.
Step 6: Cut the sewn together set of squares in the center horizontally and vertically.
Step 7: Cut along the drawn diagonal center lines of all four squares.
Step 8: Open each half square triangle (HST). Press seams open. All eight HSTs are the same color combination.
Step 9:  Trim each to desired size lining the diagonal seam of the HST up with the diagonal mark on ruler. Do not forget this step. It is the difference between corners that come together and a wonky quilt.
That’s it! That is all there is to it…and the best thing is that none of these HSTs have biased edges so you don’t have to worry and fret over stretched edges.



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