Date: October 12, 2019

Time: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Location: Newberry Art Center, 1200 Main Street Newberry, South Carolina 29108

Scheduled Events

Join us for Improve Your Practice: Free-Motion Quilting, a 6 hour class at the Newberry Art Center.

To register contact the Newberry Art Center at (803) 597-1125.

Cost: $40 per student (Adults and teenagers 13 and older) Student will receive a supply list following registration.

Class runs from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm on Saturday. We will take an hour break. There are local places to eat or bring a brown bag lunch. If you are coming from farther away there is a very sweet little Hampton Inn just a block away. Students book their own hotel reservations at:

Hampton Inn Newberry-Opera House

1201 Nance Street, Newberry, South Carolina, 29108, USA TEL: +1-803-276-6666



Learning a quilt motif and repeating it will only get a student so far in his/her free-motion quilting skills. For 10+ years, Mitzie Schafer taught students to improve and master their pottery skills by teaching them to “feel” the clay in relationship to their body. After developing Tarlov Cysts and being required to give up pottery, she found quilting because she could “feel” the stitches like she felt the clay.

This Free Motion Quilting Class style was born out of the same concept she used to teach pottery. We can teach our bodies to “feel” the movements and create more fluid and smooth quilting. It requires training in self-awareness and intentionality. No two people will ever quilt exactly the same way, at least not well.

This class uses multiple quilting drills to help participants develop their own free-motion quilting practice to match their strengths and weaknesses for success. Drills are processed and suggestions made for improvement. Participants use this new information to identify their optimal quilting posture and pose.

This class requires 6 hours of instruction time. A materials list is sent to participants prior to the class. Students need to have used a sewing machine before and understand the machine they bring to the class. Machine must be equipped to do free-motion quilting which means it needs the ability to drop the feed-dogs. It also needs to have a free-motion quilting/darning foot and a foot pedal.

Taught by Mitzie Schafer, owner and designer for Jittery Wings Quilt Co. In her previous medium of pottery/clay, she taught retreats across the south east and classes for the City of Columbia, Parks and Recreation Center. Now as a quilter/sewist, she is excited to be teaching again – which she loves! You can see her work at or on Facebook at Jittery Wings or on Instagram at @jitterywings.