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Meet Mitzie

Hi Friends! I’m Mitzie. In my hyper-focused, never idle, joyful, realist way, I work to get down on paper all the designs in my head. Some are quilt patterns. Some are surface patterns. Some don’t quite fit in any one category. I “was” a marathon runner, weight lifter and potter. I taught classes and have commissioned pieces across the south east. In 2014, though, my life changed completely. Pain and neuropathy began to take over my body and mind gradually, until I couldn’t take it anymore. They tested me for all sorts of scary things like brain tumors, ALS, Parkinson’s, and MS. It took four neurologist and two years for a diagnosis. Tarlov Cysts. You can Google it, I did, because I had never even heard of it. I could deal with the pain, but the part that sucked the most…no more running, lifting or pottery.

I eventually let go and sold my pottery studio and floundered for a while trying to figure out who I was without all these faithful loves in my life. By accident, I found the Great British Sewing Bee on Youtube. Shhh, don’t tell. I was hooked and started sewing again. My mother taught me as a child. As I tend to do with all things, once I learned how to make something, like jeans, or a dress, or a coat, I was on to the next thing. Until I reached quilting. I had found it; that “feeling” I used to get when I was throwing a pot. Something inside me shifted.

The actual quilting part of making a quilt, is my favorite, because it gives me that same “feeling.” Designing is my second favorite part of quilting as it hits that hyper-focused ADHD creativity side of my brain. Quilting and my new local guild friends, helped me find my way back to my creative and physical self. I hadn’t realized how lost I felt. I am grateful to them, and to my family for allowing Jittery Wings to be a large part of our lives. Thank you for visiting to learn more.


1st place for Origami Frog Quilt -Prosperity's Hoppin' Art and Craft Festival 2017

Quilt of the Month Modern Quilt Guild for November 2018 - Flow Quilt



I serve as the Vice President for Development for NovusWay Ministries (Lutheridge, Lutherock, Luther Springs and Lutheranch outdoor Camps & Conference Centers). My previous calls were with the ELCA Foundation as the Regional Gift Planner for the Carolinas and to Epworth Children’s Home as the Executive Vice President.

I don’t sit still very well, so as hobbies, in addition to Jittery Wings, I am the owner, designer and maker of Rindleshire Leather Co. I also love to write, and as a deacon, I write a devotional blog called when turtles pray. You can learn more about my creative adventures at www.whenturtlespray.com 

and www.rindleshireleatherco.com. Thanks for stopping by to learn more about me.

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