How Pattern Testing Works @Jitterywings

I have several new quilts coming out in 2021. I am looking for pattern testers who can finish quilts before they launch to check the patterns for accuracy and take quality photos to help promote the patterns.
Step 1: I will send an email out with deadlines for upcoming patterns.
Step 2: If you would like to test a particular pattern and believe you can meet the stated deadline, please email me back immediately to let me know which one(s).
Step 3: I will select a couple of testers for each pattern that represent a variety of skills levels and let you know if you are selected or not. I will try to mix it up a bit so other testers have an opportunity.
Step 4: I will email testers the draft pattern to begin working on it. 
Step 5: Prior to the deadline, testers are asked to send me their feedback on the pattern. Feedback may be provided using the Track Changes Feature on Word (preferred) or by typing detailed notes into an email to me. Feedback includes: 
  • Where directions are confusing
  • Typos
  • Incorrect totals or cutting amounts
  • Other thoughts about ways to improve the pattern. 
Step 6: Take a beautiful picture of your test so that I can use it on social media. See How to Take a Quilt Photo below. 

Special Notes About Sharing and Posting Images

1. Please don't forward patterns to anyone else. By testing, you agree to keep the patterns a secret and honor the Jittery Wings Copyright. 
2. Unless otherwise noted, you may post progress and final pictures while testing. Please use the designated hashtags for each individual quilt pattern and use #jitterywings in all posts to give credit for the pattern. 

Benefits of Testing with Jittery Wings

1. A FREE PDF of the final quilt pattern you test. 
2. If you would like to purchase the fabric from Jittery Wings for the pattern you are testing in the amounts listed on the pattern, email me and I will work up your order with 30% OFF. I will be offering kits for upcoming patterns, and testing using a kit with a great photo is a huge benefit to me and to those considering making the pattern in the future! I want to honor your time by offering this option. Using this benefit comes with the expectation that the pattern will be completed on time and include a nice photo using the tips below. Due to my limited ability to order fabric, I will need to limit the number of testers who can purchase any one kit at 30% OFF to one. 

Thank you for your interest in testing patterns for me! You help make the Jittery Wings Family work! Peace, Mitzie 


Taking a Quality Quilt Photo

Most of us don't have photography studios in our homes, but there are lots of  beautiful places to take quilt photos if you know where to find them and when to take the photo. Here are some tips for my testers: 
1. Get help! Make sure you have folks hiding behind the photo who are tall enough for the quilt to not be bunched up at the bottom. Or short enough the quilt doesn't look like it has feet. *wink*

2. Go outside. Look for fun flat walls on the sides of building in a cute little downtown or a beautiful field or forest. Fun painted walls in a city are cool too. 
3. Go outside at the right time of day. Our instincts might tell us that when the sun is out that is the best time, but that is actually the opposite of what works. When the sun is 45 degrees from the earth, so early morning when it is just coming up or early evening when it is setting is best. This helps filter the light so it isn't so harsh. An overcast day where the sky is full of clouds also works as the clouds filter the light and defuse it for you. 
4. Look for photo distractions. Little things distract from the beautiful quilt you've made. Look for things like random trashcans that end up in the picture or wet leafy sidewalks that look dirty and ugly. We want to remove all the distractions possible so your quilt shines! 
5. Wipe off the camera on your phone before you take the photos and be careful not to touch it with your fingers. That can make the lens dirty and the photo blurry. 
That's it! When you have beautiful photos, you can email them to me when you send your feedback, or after is okay too, but before the deadline please. You can take pictures of a finished top or a completely finished quilt. I will love both! 

Apply to be a pattern tester