Ordering a Bundle:

The fabrics included in a bundle are coded to all appear on a single web page so you can add as much or as little of a single fabric to your bundle. The images give you the yardage needed for various patterns. Fat Quarter bundles are sold in a single listing, as all fat quarters are listed separately from cuts of continuous yardage. 

Ordering Yardage of a Single Fabric:

Yardage is sold in quarter yard continuous amounts and appear as fractions on the site. If you order .5 of a single fabric, you will get a half yard continuous cut. If you order 1.25 of a single print, you will receive a continuous cut that measures 1 and a quarter yard. Note that we do not cut smaller than a half yard (.5). 

    Ordering a Single Fat Quarter:

    fat quarter (pre-cut) measures 18" x 21/22" depending on the manufacturer. Fat quarters are the result of quartering a single yard of fabric. We love fat quarters around here - and most of our Jittery Wings patterns are fat quarter friendly. If you order two fat quarters, you will receive two separately cut pieces of fabric. 

    *Please note that we do not accept returns for ordering the wrong amount.