Learning a motif and repeating it will only get a student so far in his/her quilting skills. For 10+ years, I taught students to improve and master their pottery skills by teaching them to “feel” the clay in relationship to their body. After developing Tarlov Cysts and being required to give up pottery, I found quilting because I could “feel” the stitches like I did the clay.

My Free Motion Quilting Class style was born out of the same concept I used to teach pottery. We can teach our bodies to “feel” the movements and create more fluid and smooth quilting. It requires training in self awareness and intentionality. No two people will ever quilt exactly the same way, at least not well.

This class uses multiple quilting drills to help participants develop their own free motion quilting practice to match their strengths and weaknesses for success. Drills are processed and suggestions made for improvement. Participants use this new information to identify their optimal quilting posture and pose.

This class requires 6 hours of instruction time. A materials list is sent to participants prior to the class. Students need to have used a sewing machine before and understand the machine they bring to the class. Machine must be equipped to do free motion quilting.

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