Learning a motif and repeating it will only get a student so far in his/her quilting skills. For 10+ years, I taught students to improve and master their pottery skills by teaching them to “feel” the clay in relationship to their body. After developing Tarlov Cysts and being required to give up pottery, I found quilting because I could “feel” the stitches like I did the clay.

My Free Motion Quilting Class style was born out of the same concept I used to teach pottery. We can teach our bodies to “feel” the movements and create more fluid and smooth quilting. It requires training in self awareness and intentionality. No two people will ever quilt exactly the same way, at least not well.

This class uses multiple quilting drills to help participants develop their own free motion quilting practice to match their strengths and weaknesses for success. Drills are processed and suggestions made for improvement. Participants use this new information to identify their optimal quilting posture and pose.

This class requires 6 hours of instruction time. A materials list is sent to participants prior to the class. Students need to have used a sewing machine before and understand the machine they bring to the class. Machine must be equipped to do free motion quilting.


Quilting that beautiful quilt top doesn’t have to be frightening…

In the hands of a confident and prepared quilter, a quilt top will come to life with beautiful free motion quilting.  You can be that confident and prepared quilter. Really you can.

I have written a Workbook for students in the class and for:
• Those who have want to try quilting their own quilt tops but have been too afraid to try;
• Those who have tried and felt like they failed; and,
• Those ready to just give it a try for the first time with no idea how they will do.

Author and illustrator, Mitzie Schafer, improves your free motion quilting practice by teaching you to read your body in relationship to your quilting. This book includes steps to prepare your machine, your body and your mind. Drills and motifs teach you the tools needed to reach a fluid and beautiful free motion quilting stitch.

Foreword by Paige Alexander from @quiltedbloom on Instagram


Praise for Improve Your Practice – Free Motion Quilting

“Filled with thoughtful sentiments and beautiful illustrations, Improve Your Practice: Free-Motion Quilting tackles the fears of machine quilting and teaches us how to push through them. If you’re looking to hone your quilting skills, this book guides you through every potential obstacle, whether they be technical or emotional. Mitzie is gifted with a mindful, uplifting approach to teaching that is inspiring and needed! Bonnie Christine

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“In Improve Your Practice: Free-Motion Quilting, Mitzie Schafer encourages readers to embrace a true creative experience as they learn, or in some cases relearn, free motion quilting.  Mitzie breaks down the fears all quilters have in common and gives the reader the freedom and tools to enjoy quilting their own quilts in their own style.  Improve Your Practice is beautifully illustrated, easy to follow and packed with inspiration.  Mitzie’s personal and creative experiences give her the unique ability to share with the reader a mind and body approach to free motion quilting.  Improve Your Practice will not only improve the reader’s quilting, it will also improve the entire quilt making process.” Heather Black from Quiltachusetts

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“I should preface this by saying that I’m not a confident free motion quilter – but this book makes me want to try! Mitzie outlines techniques and ideas that sound do-able, rather than overwhelming. The illustrations are delightful, and the in depth information gives a great jumping off point for getting in there and giving it a go.” Kristy Lea from Quilt Play

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Improve Your Practice: Free-Motion Quilting is a wonderful resource for both new and experienced free motion quilters.  The quilting exercises and questions after each lesson make the quilter focus on how the quilting feels and ergonomics, which is better not only for the quilting but also the body.  Improve Your Practice: Free-Motion Quilting contains well-illustrated instructions for many quilting patterns; the book makes you want to turn your sewing machine on and get quilting!” Cheryl Brickey from Meadow Mist Designs

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